Event Management System


  • Event Invitation along with QR code can be Shared on whatsApp.
  • QR based solution to track Guest entry In event.        
  • Online tracking of entered guests versus
    Registered guest.

Event Tracking Features

Simple Ways T0 Track Your Planner & Guest

Create Event

  • Easy creation of event and share on whatsApp.
  • Add Volunteers to manage the event.

Guest Registration

  • Invited and Paid Guest Registration. Online cash entry.

 QR Based Entry

  • Generate QR Code for Guests and share on whatsApp.
  • Volunteers can check the QR code by scanning th App.


  • Online status of registered and entered guests.

The Easiest Way To Track Your People & Guest

  • Register Guest and share Unique QR Code on whatsApp.
  • QR Scan Based Entry.
  • Online status of Guests.
  • Get Full details regarding your guest list.

FAQ For QR Event Tracker