QR Based Asset Tracking

QR Code Assets Tracking Software

QR codes are the modern successor to barcodes that have steadily gained momentum in recent years. QR code tools are quicker and more reliable in tracking software in mobile applications.

Assets Tracking Features

Simple ways to track your assets

Upload all Assets

  • Confidently manage your assets with serial number and images.
  • Personalised Item fields.

Generate QR Code

  • Just scan the QR code with your smartphone to view the product information.
  • GPS Location is captured .

QR Printing

  • Print QR Code for all your assets.
  • Customise size of QR sticker as per size of asset.

 Create Audit cycle

  • Confidently manage your assets and secure by creating audit cycle s periodically.
  • Complete audit history of any Asset.

 Scan your valuable assets

  • Just scan the QR code with your smartphone to view the product information.
  • GPS Location is captured .

Audit Reports

  • Track Assets with location
  • Check missing Assets.
  • Generate Audit report
The Easiest Way to Track Assets and Inventory
  • Design and print QR labels for all your assets in bulk
  • Scan-based audits 
  • Pull up locations, status, and other specs with ease
  • Generate audit reports for greater control

FAQ For QR asset Tracker

It is a mobile application or the tracking module which provides a complete fixed asset  or inventory tracking solution through QR code tracker. It provides users to conduct cost effective physical audits on any assets or track the inventory.

Every asset in the company is attached or tagged with an unique QR code label, these code labels can be in compliance with the requirements like(audit, insurance checks, tax purposes, maintenance, etc). We can also tag Asset to the location so that locating, grouping/ auditing of assets is possible through the mobile application.

  • Performs a complete physical audit of many items/ assets across multiple locations.
  • User Friendly and easy to use.
  • Scan Fixed assets quickly for insurance and tax purposes.
  • Provides instant access for audit trails.
  • Very cost effective as it eliminates costly manual checks or any possibility of human errors.
  • Saves many man hours of time consuming tracking and auditing.
  • Multi-level workflows can be configured at different levels.
  • Helps the user to track the asset at the user level and the location level.