DigiCA- an automation software for Accounting firms

with Strategic and enhanced operational activities, all in one place.

Challenges faced by Chartered Accountants.


Huge documentation of clients.


Manually assigning the tasks to employees.

Follow up

Frequent and continuous follow up on tasks assigned


Tracking multiple clients’ accounts and transactions

Attendance & Leave

Attendance and Leave management of employees

Generating invoices

Generating invoices and follow up on the payments

Audit Follow Up

Following timely audit trails for the clients.

Why DigiCA

DigiCA is an accounting office automation software that helps firms to  manage their office processes efficiently and other features easily via mobile application and web application.

It streamlines and automates client documentation processes, manages tasks and timelines, data management, and maintaining work status. DigiCA also helps teams collaborate effectively towards the work process. It saves time and money by automating data and letting employees work more efficiently and effectively. DigiCA Application helps CA to build their business digitally and helps their Clients to access documents.

Work-Flow Management of DigiCA


Create a customer base in the system and save related documents.


Create a Task as per the clients requirement


Assigned task to the staff will work on it.


hourly task can be managed here


Generating Invoices after tasks completion.


Timely Follow ups on the Invoice generated.


Collect Payment, Give Receipt, Hand over Documents to the client


Managing clients data, tasks, accounts & Invoices through dashboard.

Why Choose DigiCA

 CA can assign task to Staff or Customer

All the customer invoices can be managed here

Task duration and related cost can be manage here

Predefined email Template available here

Office expenses can be managed here

All the documents of clients can be managed and saved here.

FAQ For DigiCA

It allows team members to automatically create an electronic audit trail that will keep documents accurate and in compliance with industry standards.

A document management system can drastically improve the workflow of an accounting firm. It eliminates paper dependency, by making documentation and records easily accessible on a secure web server.