Making Marketplace Sales – Dos and Don’ts

Making online sales can appear intimidating, particularly so if you have no guide in place to gear up you for the demands that lie in front.

Want to roll up your sleeves and begin, but don’t know how? See our blog and begin to start selling with these 3 simple steps.

In our series, we’ve included how Lata managed to not only sell on her very own web store, but also on many marketplaces.

Lata’s story –

Lisa has a business that sells women’s clothing. With each passing year, her business developed to become moneymaking.

Subsequently, post some time, her sales stopped flourishing. She desired to grow her profits, boost up her business, and stretch to a more customer base. She opted that the foremost thing she could do was sell online.

After that, she has matured her business reach – and the earnings have fully grown with it. Amazon, Flipkart, Askmebazaar, eBay, Lazada USA, Snapdeal – she is making sales on several marketplaces without any hassle.

At first, it can get baffling to realize which marketplace to sell on. Read here to make up your mind on your own.

This is a listing of a few frequent dos and don’ts for newbie sellers:


Create a strategy – Ahead of beginning online selling, it is essential to have a marketing strategy in place for each of the products you think to place on your catalogues. In marketplaces, it is crucial to have an unparalleled, distinct brand identity so as to have an edge over others.

Search words, Search words – If you are not able to be easily located online, you will not sell! Invest in search words applicable to your database to make yourself and your brand name more reachable to latent clients.

Select an order management software to sell well – Selling on a singular marketplace? Two? Many? Selling on a sales outlet can get tiresome – updating the merchandise, managing dispatches, etc. on numerous marketplaces at the same time. A finer alternative would be to opt for software that deals with all this for you – across all the marketplaces that you want to sell on.

 Render precise product info – Would you like to lose clients over blurred product info? Your products are your recognition – and the initial touchpoint with your customers. Purchasers want to see what they are buying – prior to making the purchase.

Images – Ascertain that your images are crystal clear, and symbolic of the real product you are selling. The image should be easy to see and the item you’re selling should be the point of focus. Zoom in as much as attainable to highlight the item. Take photos from various angles.

Product Descriptions – To prevent losing clients, assure that your product description is correct, lucid and precise. For instance, many times, unclear words like ‘awesome’ and ‘cute result in confusion among your customers.

Packaging and shipping – Are you going to package and ship your orders yourself? Or would you prefer getting that done by the marketplace? For example, if you make a sale on Amazon, you have the alternative to get your orders fulfilled by Amazon. Select the option that provides the maximum value to your business.


Neglect feedback – The majority of marketplaces permit customers to offer feedback and ratings. Take the feedback earnestly – factors for vendor performance comprise cancellation orders, customer returns, complaints about quality, etc. Poor ratings could have an impact on your reputation in the marketplace – which successively affects your sales.

Try to sell a huge number of products. Focus on what you are selling – In a competing market, more often than not, you will realize sellers selling niche products do best. Marketing your products in a contending space can be harder than marketing them in a niche market space. If you have a plan of action in place, stick to it. Don’t try to sell too many products under your brand all at once, while beginning.

These tips worked wonders for Lata – did they work for you?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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October 20, 2021

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